Monday, 16 April 2007

Event Table & Iteration Modules

Event table and Iteration modules: Playing with an event module; using Reaktor's Iteration module to program it.

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I've been using event tables in a simple way for a while: filling them with random numbers, and repeatedly playing sets of those numbers within pattern sequencers.

But I've been struggling when trying to build a multi-row table, because I don't know how to make Native Table Files - data files in which Reaktor stores event table information, which can contain any number of rows. All I've been able to do so far is to import text files, which can only contain one row of data. So I decided to build an instrument which let me:
  • Import a (single-row) text file into an event table
  • Write that information into a second, multi-row event table, in a specific row
  • Repeat until the multi-row event table is full
Then, I can save the multi-row data as a genuine Native Table File.

I decided to use an Iteration module, featured in the second half of the video, to whip along a row of data, reading a cell from my "import" event table, and write it into my multi-row, "target" event table. While I was working, I started to realise what the Iteration module might be useful for in the future, so I thought it was well worth a diary entry.

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VMG said...

Hi am new in reaktor and i was searching for tutorials
Thanks to you i created my first FM synth but when i clicked "Watch the video" on this post it re-directed me on this page:
How can i get the video?