Monday, 2 April 2007

Glitch Sampler Part 10

Making a glitchy pad sample instrument, part 10: getting rid of event loop warnings

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  • I've come back to the instrument after a rest, to resolve a couple of issues with the design.
  • In this episode, I'm enabling event loops for my instrument, because Reaktor keeps popping up event loop warnings, but I think I'm doing nothing particularly dangerous - in fact I think Reaktor might be detecting a loop that isn't really there. It's also possible to enable event loops at macro level; so a more precise approach would be to encapsulate my random number generator and my sample loop module in a single macro, and enable event loops only for that macro.
  • If you do have a potentially dangerous event loop in your structure, another method of making it less harmful is to introduce a delay (either with a single delay or a unit delay module) into the loop. From what I've read, this should mean that the loop can't generate events at a frequency that will crash Reaktor.
  • Just for fun, I went away and built an ensemble with a real, deadly event loop and this one crashes Reaktor instantaneously: it just disappears in a flash, no warnings or anything. So... never do this:

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