Saturday, 31 March 2007

Glitch Sampler Part 9

Making a glitchy pad sample instrument, part 9: filter, effects and having a play

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  • (1:35) The samples in this sample map don't have a huge amount of top end, so opening the filter up doesn't produce a huge burst of high harmonics. But use a brighter set of samples and this could change completely.
  • (3:00) This is all down to the resonance of the filter boosting a narrow band of frequencies in the sample. If your filter cutoff is at a frequency where the sample is very loud (for instance if the sample has been EQ'd to boost the mid-range somewhere), the resonance will boost these loud frequencies up even higher and you can get problems with levels. Depends on the quality and content of your samples.

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Raymond said...

this blog is a great reaktor learning resource.

would you be able to publish your filter/lfo macro so that I can see what you've done with it. I've tried using Reaktor's included filter macros but i get confused on how I'm supposed to wire it up.