Saturday, 31 March 2007

Glitch Sampler Part 3

Making a glitchy pad sample instrument, part 3: Geiger module

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  • (0:49) Oh, hang on. If you pause the video here, you'll see the pop-up which says that if the value of the gate signal is between 0 and 1, then that's mapped to the velocity range 0 ... 127 in the Map Editor. What this means is that, if you've got different samples layered to trigger at different velocities (loud drum samples and quiet drum samples), the value of the G input is very important to you indeed. When I say I'm not worried what that value is, that's because my sample map is very simple (never more than one sample per note)
  • (2:05) Event and audio signals are very different things, so it's not surprising that the Geiger's two outputs behave differently... it's just that I'm not sure I've ever been able to get the Geiger event output doing anything meaningful...
  • (2:59) Yawn... I'm not bored. This was recorded late at night.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, could you post a pic of the structure of the random number trigger in this video?