Wednesday, 21 February 2007

FM Part 6

Making a simple FM synth, part 6: Adding envelopes to the carrier and the modulator.

Watch the video

  • Obviously envelopes make a massive difference to the sound.
  • (0:55) Some of Reaktor's envelopes, like the ADSR, have a G input which triggers the envelope with an amplitude proportional to the size of the gate signal: if you send the number 0.1 into the G input, the envelope will trigger quietly; if you send the number 1.0, it'll trigger more loudly. Other envelopes have a Trig input which works differently: any gate signal, no matter how large, just opens the envelope at full amplitude - or, as in the example of the D envelope used later in the video, at the amplitude passed to the envelope module's A input.
  • ...Well, it's not a DX7 yet, but it makes a nice techno bass sound. I'll stash it somewhere to develop later...


Ivan said...

Thanks for this great diary! I've been looking all over for some well-informed reaktor tutorials and your stuff is right on the money. Someone over at posted this up a while ago and I kept meaning to check it out. So glad I did. Thanks again!

Redhotpunk said...

Really helpful dude cheers!