Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Reaktor Diary: Intro

Over the past year I've been learning to build instruments and ensembles with Native Instruments' Reaktor 5. I love it - it's beautifully designed, it sounds amazing, and there are all sorts of instruments to download from the NI user library.

At the same time, I haven't found many books or deep online tutorials about Reaktor, beyond simple stuff like constructing a basic subtractive synth. That seems a bit of a shame, because R5's such a good way to explore synth design and electronic sound.

So I started exploring R5 while using it in my own tracks. And I thought I might try to share some of what I've discovered, in case it has any value for other people. So I've started this video diary. It's going to be a little bit freeform, and I'm no grand master, but I suppose it still might be useful to people who are getting to grips with what Reaktor can do.

I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to drop me a line with your feedback. Thanks!



DJEHO said...

I've just discovered this blog and it seems really nice!!

it's for sure that I'll take much advantage from your blog!

thanks a lot!

paper said...

this is all i ever wanted!because first on my own and second because i have poor knowledge.
thanks very much, and keep going on please!!!!!!!
thanks a million

Grimley said...

Thanks very much for doing this! I've owned Reaktor for a couple of years but apart from using ensembles downloaded from the NI site I haven't gotten further than creating a simple subtractive synth. This is a great resource.
Thanks, grimley.

John said...

This seems to be just what I need.
Sadly, I can only watch the videos from ReSynthisis onwards. For my means, I need to watch the earlier videos.
PS Thanks to all at The Musem of Techno for their endeavours. I am very keen to learn how my Akai MPC2500 evolved from it's "steam powered" forbearers!

Owen said...

Evening sir (or good morning, or whatever time it is in Blighty).

Having hit the big 3-0, I decided that I need to spend the next decade becoming a massive expert on sound design. Seemed a fairly obvious decision.

So, thank you for making this blog. It may actually be the first blog I have ever become interested in, and one which I will read through with pleasure.

Big fan of Cornwell and Braidy too.


Kotur said...

I use commercial fm synths all the time... Sytrus,FM8, Ableton Operator... I need fm effect which use one audio input as modulator and second as carrier. I don't know to program in reactor but i will learn if you tell me if anything similar is possible... In that way i can use Ableton envelopes in clip to modulate parameters of commercial synths esepcialy simple Operator and interact between 100 operators if I wish.... TNX