Wednesday, 21 February 2007

FM Part 1

Making a simple FM synth, part 1: getting a sound out of Reaktor, and instruments in a Reaktor ensemble.

Watch the video

  • I've chosen quite a low note to play with so you might need to put your headphones on if your PC speakers don't go all the way down!
  • (1:50) I hope this all makes sense. One of the early challenges when you're learning Reaktor is getting it to make a sound at all... I'm hoping to get round that by starting really simply (just the one oscillator). Basically, if you've got a very simple structure that isn't sounding, and you think it should be, check that you've got all your inputs wired up.


Melissa said...

I'm just starting with Reaktor and I don't get it: how do you get the FM Synth? I looked for it everywhere.

evan k. said...

@Melissa: I think he built it from scratch, not from an existing ensemble or instrument.